That time again…

Time to eat and be healthy one again, need to cut my massive caffeine addiction down. I average about 15 coffees a day and need to stop, it’s affecting my sleep. So here goes, zero coffee, zero bad food and zero alcohol well for a few weeks at least. 

Long Weekend

Well it’s been a long weekend, that’s 3 whole days off work and to be honest I’ve had quite a relaxing weekend.

My wife and I were lucky enough to be invited to a christening on Saturday and after the church we went to a local bar, The Marsden Grotto, which is on a beach and the function room itself is built into a cave behind it. So after a few, (too many), drinks we ended up in the town and followed them by many more beers and also a few whiskers.  Good night 🙂

Yesterday was an easy day to get over the lack of sleep from the day before.  I spent it watching Star Wars the force awakens and playing battlefield.  Now this is the second time I’ve watched TFA and although it is fun and a roller coaster style movie it isn’t great.  The main plot of a new improved Death Star just seems irrelevant in the movie and the main story seems to be about the characters and where they have got to in the whole resistance movement. Defo watchable but not a great movie.  Battlefield on the other hand just seems to get better and better, new maps, modes and now a new dashboard when it starts which will come to add in hardline and battlefield 1 as well, what more could you ask for?  I find battlefield a very hard game compared to COD, I mean come on you get shot once and your dead not like in COD where you take 5 shots to the face and then duck behind a box until you feel better :). Starting to realise the main points in Battlefield are PTO, Play The Objectives, it’s not about you k/D ratio it’s about being part of the team.

Today was a lovely sunny day so we went to the beach for Fish and chips and a stroll along the sea front in the sun.  It’s amazing how busy beaches get still and how people are happy to sit in the sun.  It’s kinda cool.  The biggest, weirdest thing is the amount of grown adults, 30-40+ walking around playing Pokemon Go.  I mean come on I have games for 30-40 years now on everything from a spectrum up to a ps4 but I wouldn’t be walking around playing on my I’m back in the house and after an hour on Dragon Age Inquisition I’m. Sitting in front of the to to watch Joe Wicks:The Body Coach, and hope it’s good.  The I’m planning on an episode of the strain and then off to bed to get some sleep in before I go to work tomorrow.

Week off

Hey all, had a week off work and a few days away so haven’t been on here.  I’ll be back soon though.

Got some nice photos in Scarborough 😊


Going to a barbecue to celebrate two if our friends birthdays today. 

Sun is shining and beer is chilling, good times to be had with good people.


Saw suicide squad

it is really very good

Love you Harley Quinn

Movie time

It’s gonna be fun


Lying on my bed

Reading Eragon once more

Spotify playing…